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"On behalf of the Board of Directors at the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor, thank you for choosing us to host the world premiere of Painters, Players and Poets. From the enthusiastic responses we heard from visitors to the gallery it was clearly a uniquely powerful and engaging experience for all. All the best as you bring the show to other audiences throughout the state and the northeast. We look forward to Painters, Players and Poets, II!"
- Cathy Sherrill, Executive Director, The Opera House

"Painters, Players & Poets promises to be an exhibition unlike any other in recent Maine history."
- Bob Keyes, Portland Press Herald

"Painters Players & Poets was a singular event for the Portland Public Library and for the people who were privileged enough to experience it. The painters, players and poets were of the first magnitude and their works inspired attendees while making directly accessible the creative and interpretive workings of artistic minds!"
- Steve Podgajny, Executive Director, Portland Public Library

Painters, Players and Poets is a unique collaboration celebrating the tremendous talents of 48 Maine artists. Included in the project are 16 Maine painters, 9 Maine players/composers, 7 Maine poets and 16 Maine chair makers.

In the spring of 2009 Writer/Producer Con Fullam asked several well known Maine composers and poets to identify a living Maine painter whose work inspired them, and to then choose a specific painting to interpret via poem or musical composition. That process has now been completed and a traveling exhibition featuring those 16 collaborations is set to hit the road in July 2011.

Each collaboration in this project is unique. There was no uniform structure and there were no mandates about the process. Each participating artist took his or her own route to the final destination. In some cases it was a poet reaching out to a painter in others a player reaching out to a painter or lastly, a painter reaching out to a poet or player. Regardless of the paths taken we are certain, that once you have experienced the project, you will agree that the final results are a sight and sound to behold.

The inclusion of the handcrafted chairs lies in the effort to create an experience that is both memorable and comfortable at the same time. Viewing the entire exhibit takes approximately one hour and ten minutes, thus, the addition of these finely crafted works of art will not only provide comfort, but will also enhance the entire artistic experience.
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